Beverage Coasters, Hand Made in Chicago

Perfect souvenir gift for your significant other, your assistant, the neighbor who walked your dog or took your child to soccer while you were traveling, or yourself!

Modern and strong, these coasters can take the heat. This Chicago husband-and-wife team bring their individual design skills to the table – literally – with under-drink protection that is elegant, playful and evocative. And if that doesn’t make a great gift for whoever is feeding your pet or watering your garden, we don’t know what would!

 Available in two designs -- LINES (multi color lines) or SHAPES (geometric black & white).  Each set consists of 4 wood coasters that will not warp even under the iciest cold beer.  And they protect up to 425 degrees, so order freely for your favorite tea drinker! Coasters are lightly coated with mineral oil to enhance the beauty of the wood; an occasional re-application of your favorite oil will keep the finish fresh.

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