Tregothnan Great British Tea - the only tea actually grown in Britain

Perfect souvenir gift for just about anyone.

Of course tea has long been Britain's favorite drink and it makes a great souvenir.  But don't bring them just any tea!

Seventy years after Winston Churchill asked for tea to be grown in the UK, Tregothan became the first tea brand to actually be grown in England, making it the first truly British tea in history. 

Tregothnan is a private estate in Cornwall with a history that dates back to 1334.  Tregothnan's Great British tea is a special blend of hand-plucked Cornish tea from the Tregothnan estate and the finest Assam tea, resulting in a bold full-bodied flavor.

This sophisticated, reusable tin tea caddy contains 15 100% biodegradable silken tea pyramid pouches that are made from cornstarch and filled with loose leaf tea.  So no need for a strainer.

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