Tooth Fairy Letter Kit

Perfect souvenir gift for.....pretty sure we don't need to spell this out!

[Together, this pillow and the Tooth Fairy Kit (sold separately) make a lovely keepsake.]

Okay. We can’t even! The only thing missing from this adorable kit is the cold, hard cash – which, unfortunately, we can’t help you with.

Adorable 3”x4” "My Lost Tooth" bag to hold those baby teeth. Adorable laser-cut wood door sign to beckon that busy Tooth Fairy. Twenty adorable note cards (one for each baby tooth!) that can be written out "To" or "From" the Tooth Fairy. And an adorable 9”x 5.5” muslin drawstring storage bag to use to store everything. Can you tell we adore this gift? Losing teeth has never been more fun.

This little gem and the Tooth Fairy Kit are both from Chicago-based LoopLoft whose products have been featured in Family Fun, the New York Times, and Better Homes and Gardens.    

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