Tooth Fairy Keepsake Pillow

Perfect souvenir gift for.....pretty sure we don't need to spell this out!

[Together, this pillow and the Tooth Fairy Kit (sold separately) make a lovely keepsake.]

One of the downsides of being a road warrior is missing the little milestones in your family's life.  This little pillow helps you and your child keep track of sweet memories, like losing those two front teeth.

The front of the pillow is printed with a space for your child's name and a tooth chart for keeping track of what tooth fell out and when. On the back side is a 3" pocket made of felted wool - snug enough to hold a tooth and the money that the fairy leaves behind.

The pillow is made of natural color cotton linen fabric stuffed with poly fill.  And the 6" x 6" size is a perfect fit for a little one's hands.

This little gem and the Tooth Fairy Kit are both from Chicago-based LoopLoft whose products have been featured in Family Fun, the New York Times, and Better Homes and Gardens.    

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