Laser Cut Stainless Steel Men's Comb

Perfect souvenir gift for your favorite guy, the neighbor who gave your child a ride to soccer or walked your dog while you were travelng, or yourself!

Take your own or a favorite guy’s daily grooming ritual up a few notches with one of the finest metal combs in the world. Chicago Comb has been lauded in GQ and Men’s Journal. Each comb begins as a one-tenth inch thick sheet of high quality stainless steel which is then laser-cut and carefully hand-finished for comfortable daily use. The patented design feels good in your hand and lets you hang it up when you’re done! Ditch the cheap plastic one from the drug store.  This comb is as stylish as a piece of artwork and Chicago-built to last a lifetime.

5.5 inches (14 cm) long stainless steel with a brushed metal, matte-satin finish.


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