Colorful Matching Game (ages 3+) from a Chicago toy maker

Perfect souvenir gift for kids 3+

Imagine sitting in a restaurant with your toddler, waiting for your meal to come. You’ve already play-acted three fairy-tales using the salt, pepper and ketchup bottles. Now what? Match Stacks to the rescue! Good looking and easily transportable, this small, wooden-disk matching game can be played in any number of ways – color matching, vehicle matching, tower-making, memory games.  This set features transportation images like boats, planes, and bicycles

Match Stacks are an original from a family-owned Chicago toy company committed to simple, durable playthings that spark imagination and curiosity. The 16 disks are made of maple and meet all safety requirements. Neatly stored in their reusable tube, they can easily be taken along on airplane trips and doctor’s visits, and will keep the kids happily occupied at the kitchen table while you and your spouse make dinner.

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