Flavored & Colored Rim Sugars and Spices for Cocktails

Perfect gift your significant other, the neighbor who walked your dog or took your child to soccer while you were traveling, or yourself!

Cocktails will sparkle and shine with these sweet and salty rimming salts. We’ve put together a 4-flavor set of spice and beauty so everyone’s drinks can step out in style. A perfect thank-you gift, with or without a bottle of tequila!

Refreshing Strawberry Sugar – great for margaritas, martinis, and champagne cocktails. Organic cane sugar infused with fresh organic strawberries and natural food coloring. Beautiful and delicious.

Elegant Metallic Silver Sugar – great for champagne flutes and signature cocktails. And no one would be opposed to a luxurious little sprinkle on your chocolate truffle cake. Organic sugar, natural and artificial food coloring, and confectioner’s glaze.

Shimmering Gold Margarita Salt – great for signature cocktails and, of course, margaritas. The color lives somewhere between yellow-gold and champagne gold, and may leave a kissable shimmer on your lips. Kosher flake sea salt with natural and artificial food coloring.

Spicy Chili Lime Salt – an almost addictive blend of hot green chiles and zesty lime. In other words, not for the faint of heart. Great for margarita lovers, but also a sublime addition to fresh cut watermelon, mango, or even added to butter and basted over fresh corn. Sea salt, green chile peppers, lime, and citric acid.

Delectably crafted by a local husband-wife team, each flavor is packaged in a 3-inch tin (which is smaller than the rim of most glasses; instructions for applying to glasses are included!). Each tin will decorate approximately 50 glasses. Product will stay fresh for two years.

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