Chicago Cuisine Kitchen Towels - Set of 2

A perfect souvenir gift for cooks, foodies, or anyone who has a kitchen. 

We know...we know.  When you think of gifts, you don't think of kitchen towels. But the beautiful design on this set of kitchen towels will make anyone smile, even if it's their turn to wash dishes.  Made of 100% soft yet durable cotton flour sack, the towels are screen printed in vibrant shades of red, yellow, and blue with water-based ink.  The illustration gives "shout outs" to the dishes that Chicago is famous for like deep dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs.

A set of kitchen towels is a nice gift for your environmentally-conscious friends because they are kinder on the environment and more economical than paper towels.  Beautiful kitchen towels like these are also a great way to wrap gifts, line bread baskets, or as place mat or napkins for messy toddlers.

29" x 29".  Wash in cold water.

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