Mind the Gap Card Game - based on London's Famous "Underground" Transit System, for ages 6+

Perfect souvenir gift for ages 6 and up

What fun! This officially licensed card game is based on London's famous underground transit system known as the "Underground" or the "Tube". "Mind the Gap" is the catch phrase that train operators use to warn the 5 million daily passengers not to trip in the gap between the train and the subway platform. 

This simple, fast paced, and addictive game can be played by two to eight players.  Each player is dealt 8 cards and the goal is to get rid of all your cards before the other players can do the same.  The player must put down a card with a colored line (based on an actual Tube line) that matches the previous card played. If a player cannot lay down a card, they must pick up another. The fun ensues when players use special cards to slow down and trip up their rivals. 

The cards can be stored in an easy-to-carry tin case that is approximately 6" X 5.3" X 1.6" (15 X 13.5 X 4 centimeters).

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