Alphabet Magnet Set for Kids, from a Chicago toy maker

Perfect gift for your toddler or to put on the front of your refrigerator or on the magnetic board in your office or in the kids' play area.

One of the downsides of being a road warrior is the time missed with your family.  Use this Alphabet Magnet Set to reclaim some quality time with your toddler.  These simple wooden circles that feature letters of the alphabet combine modern designs and old-fashioned quality to create a distinctive, heirloom plaything. Think about it: the alphabet literally never goes out of style. Use this set to help your little one learn to spell his name. Or on a magnet board to start teaching your 4 year old to read and rhyme simple words.

These 2-inch round disks feel authoritative and strong, just as an alphabet should. Made from premium maple ply and non-toxic ink, a perfect gift for the letter-lover in your life.

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