No Time to Shop for Souvenirs? We Deliver So You Don’t Have to Go Home Empty-Handed!

Racing from meeting to meeting while you’re in town? Or maybe you’d rather spend your only free afternoon checking out that five star restaurant instead of shopping for souvenirs? makes it easy for you to surprise and delight your family and friends, even if you don't have time to shop while you’re away.

So how does work?

Step 1:  Scroll down and click on your destination city.

Step 2:  Browse our carefully curated selection of artisan souvenirs. We feature items created by local hands and local brands.

Fill your shopping cart with really special souvenirs like flavor infused honeys and syrups made in Brooklyn, orange body scrub crafted in Florida, or a delicate Fleur de Lis ornament designed by a New Orleans artisan.

Step 3:  After you order, we’ll deliver the souvenirs you purchased to your hotel or meeting site (in select cities) or directly to your home (since it pays to travel light these days). makes it easy for you to bring home something special....souvenirs that will surprise and delight your significant other, children, assistant, co-workers, babysitter, or the next-door neighbor who walked the dog while you were gone. And extend your own travel fun by treating yourself to something special as well!