Use GuessWhatIBroughtYou as a Travel Perk, Reward or Incentive

We sell artisan souvenirs directly to individual travelers.  

But travel industry professionals can also use to..... 

Purchase Hotel Room Drop Gifts

Looking for hotel room drop gifts? Meeting and event planners and destination managers can use our site to purchase distinctive hotel drop gifts.  If you don't find exactly what you want, call us.  We're creating a database that includes hundreds of cool artisan souvenir products created by local hands and local brands, in multiple cities, and at a variety of price points.  

As an Incentive for Attendees to Register Early or for Employees to Use Preferred Travel Providers 

Corporate travel managers and meeting planners....let us put together a special offer (a discount, free gift, or free delivery) for your employees or meeting attendees. It's free to you(!)...but if you are a  corporate travel manager, you can use it as a reward for employees when they book with the company's preferred hotels or airlines. Meeting planners can use it as an incentive for potential attendees to register early.

Give Clients a Perk that Adds Value, Differentiates Your Meeting, and Keeps Attendees On Site Longer 

Meeting planners....pass a discount, free gift, or free delivery on to your clients.  It costs you nothing (!)....but it's a distinctive, value added offering that will differentiate your meeting and allow attendees to spend more time at the meeting site.  Your meeting attendees will appreciate this perk that saves them time and gives them a richer travel experience. 

For All Travel Professionals gives your clients a convenient way to shop for artisan souvenirs to bring home to their significant other, children, assistant, co-workers, the next-door neighbor who walked the dog while they were gone, or themselves.
Our website offers a carefully curated selection of artisan souvenirs that are created by local hands and local brands. A traveler can shop our site; then have their purchases delivered to their hotel, meeting site, or directly to their home if they're traveling light.
Your clients will appreciate a discount, free delivery or free gift.  It’s a great travel perk, reward, or incentive. 

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