The Best Souvenirs Bring the World Home With You.

The best souvenirs are the ones that make you feel like you're bringing the world home with you.  

And the most special and authentic souvenirs are artisan products created by local hands and local brands.

Our mission:

#1 Make it easy and convenient for you to bring the world home with you.  
We offer a carefully curated selection of artisan souvenirs
and we'll deliver your purchases to you.

#2  Promote the artisan products by local craftspeople, small entrepreneurs, and home-grown brands that are full of local character.

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The idea for came from my experiences traveling for business.  Whenever I traveled, I liked to bring back souvenirs as a treat for my husband who did double duty while I was gone, a surprise for my kids who always asked "what did you bring me?!", and a thank you for the neighbor who gave my child a ride to soccer while I was away. 


But most of the time, business travelers don't have a lot of free time to shop for souvenirs.  You fly in that morning.  Sit in meetings all day. Meet up with co-workers or clients for dinner and a drink. Collapse at your hotel at night. Do it all again the next day. And then finally, race to the airport to make your flight.

 Because we deliver, shopping for souvenirs on is an easy and convenient way to buy artisan souvenirs to delight your family, surprise the people in your travel support system, and treat yourself!