Hand Poured Scented Candle in Vintage Tin - by the candle maker that supplies the Royal Family

The perfect souvenir gift for almost everyone.

Everyone loves scented candles.  They make a bubble bath more relaxing and an intimate dinner more elegant. These luxurious candles are made by a company that's been making candles for over 170 years, supplying candles to Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, and to Her Majesty the Queen. 

Made of beeswax hand poured into a beautiful vintage-look tin container.  Crafted for a slow, even burn that lasts up to 45 hours.

Candles can be a fire hazard so never leave them unattended!

Choose from:

  • British Expedition, a soothing scent composed of warm cloves, light ginger, sweet tobacco, and mint tea
  • Royal Elizabeth, a youthful, feminine fragrance made from young citrus blossoms with touches of jasmine and fresh mulberries.  

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